randomtest-stdin: automated log scanner

Randomtest.net discovers crashes and special events (raised by SIGUSR1 in C/C++) raised from the software so far. But some kernel – level events (a warning from kernel module as an example) were not visible so far.

Randomtest.net has been extended recently with the ability to discover invalid state in logs (since 6a03f1f1). By invalid state I mean: kernel ops reported in dmesg, critical errors raised by kernel modules and so on.

randomtest-stdin reads stdin until empty newline is present then reports such text as it’s done already with textual stacktraces.

randomtest-stdin sample usage:

awk ‘/pattern/ { print; print “”; }’ /var/log/syslog | randomtest-stdin

As you can see the invalid pattern detection is externalised to custom awk script – randomtest-stdin doesn’t know what is valid or wrong. You are free to choose it by regular expression.

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