First basic probe for C/C++ environment

The source code for first C/C++ probe implementation has been just published. By using the following construct in your profile files (an example URL):

export RANDOMTEST_URL=http://localhost/randomtest-server.php

You can collect crashes (SIGBUS/SIGSEGV) from any C/C++ application without using gdb, even without source code available. An example:

BEGIN RANDOMTEST EVENT process:./src/probes/c/test1.exe
./test1.exe: MyClass2::myMethod2(char const*)+0×9
./test1.exe: MyClass1::myMethod1(int)+0×12
./test1.exe: main()+0×15
/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ __libc_start_main()+0xf3
./test1.exe() [0x8048561]: ??

Note that some C/C++ programs might need the following LFLAGS / CFLAGS:

  • –rdynamic to save symbolic names for standalone executables – linker
  • -funwind-tables┬áto embed exceptions metadata even for C code – compiler
  • -exceptions for QT configure (if QT is used) to store unwind tables on a stack – configure

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